About Us

Born out of the vision of its founders, Radhika and Kartik Bharat Ram, KARM Trust is a registered public charitable trust. KARM Trust endeavours to work on some of society’s most pressing issues, especially in the areas of education, health and gender equality.

Through innovative and carefully designed programs, KARM Trust aims to broaden the awareness of, and respond to, issues affecting women.

“Take baby steps, do quality work, and you will scale up. When working with communities, you can’t be in a rush.” - Radhika Bharat Ram
KARM Fellowship

KARM Fellowship endeavours to enable young women from less-privileged backgrounds to pursue their educational and professional dreams.

At KARM , we will support driven and resilient bright young girls by providing fellowships to deserving girl students who have completed their 12th grade and are readying for college.

Spot On & Off

Through Spot On & Off, we want to break social taboo around Menstruation and Menopause. It is not something women should be ashamed of, rather something that they should be comfortable with. After all, it is a natural phenomena!


The Samaanta deals with gender norms and aims to raise more awareness on gender inclusivity and gender equality, but by using the power of communication, technology, and critical thinking.

“The opportunity to directly help the less fortunate who have the potential, but not the means to achieve their dreams is something that I cherish and am happy that the KARM Trust will facilitate.” - Kartik Bharat Ram

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